Why hire a freelancer?
Hiring a professional freelancer to do business tasks will save you money over hiring an in-house staff because freelancers only work when you need us to. 

We are open 24/7 and you only pay for hours worked.
When you hire a freelancer, you're hiring an experienced professional; someone who has years of experience in the field of Lead Generation, Data Research, Data Entry, Graphic Design. Skilled professional freelancer brings your visions to life quickly and effectively.
Al-Furqan IT Firm is an on-demand outsourcing platform for business tasks.
Companies can submit a task and start a project in 1 hour with a pre-vetted and curated freelancer. Al-Furqan is built specifically for business professionals who need 24/7 availability, quick turn-around time, file security, and consistent quality. We are open 24/7 and you only pay for hours worked.
Al-Furqan currently supports the Valuable business task categories online:
  • - Lead Generation
  • - Web Research
  • - Data Entry
  • - Data Research
  • - WordPress Zero Coding Site
  • - Graphic Design
  • - SEO (WordPress Yoast and off page)

Nowadays, lead generation is most important for growing a small or big business.

For modern marketing, lead generation has become a highly competitive way for companies to compete for business in B2B and B2C companies.

Are you searching a lead generator, Don't worry We are here. We are the master of lead generation. We will provide your lead generation as per your niche. We have lots of experience to collect business leads.

We provide following services to a client:

  • Lead Generation:

⇒ Collect Business/Work Email address

⇒ Collect Business/Work Phone Number

⇒ Collect Present Titles

⇒ Collect Company's Direct Email Address

⇒ Collect Company's Direct Phone Number

⇒ Collect Company's Information

⇒ LinkedIn Profile URL

  • Email Sourcing
  • Valid and Verified Email Addresses
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • LinkedIn Researcher
  • LinkedIn Data Mining
  • Database Building
  • Contact List Building 

  • Mailing List development
  • List Building 
  • Data Mining 
  • Data Entry 
  • Data Scrape (Manually and Tools Both) 
  • Data Extraction (Manually) 
  • Data Collection. 
  • Background remove
  • Photoshop
  •  Wordpress website Zero Coding

Outsourcing firm

We are Lead Generation Freelancer. We do Admin support related tasks too.

We have done 130+ Lead Generation and 70+ Admin support related task.

We have high Skills in this sectors.

We are from Bangladesh but We provide our services worldwide.

Grow Your Business With Us.


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