List Building

Finding new leads are a key to any business and we can help you connect with your targeted leads.
We can build lists for email and telemarketing pertaining to a specific geographic location or industry. We can find Phone Number, Email Address (company and personal), Mailing Address, Social Media Profiles and Other Useful information about any business.
For instance, we can build list of:

  1. All pet clinics in the US with their website and owner’s contact details
  2. All businesses within 15 miles radius of a specific zip code
  3. All licensed builders in Australia

and much more.

The sample of few research projects we have completed are provided below:

  1. Email search of Store Addresses and Owners
  2. Farmers Market Data Research
  3. Football Clubs details with Email Addresses and Social Media
  4. Lawyers contact details
  5. Pet Industry Companies
  6. Yelp, Facebook Search
  7. Searching Producers of Products listed in Magazines

Research on C-Level Management or Specific Titles:

We can help you find direct contact details of High-Level Officials and titles may include: CEO, COO, CFO, Managing Director, Directors, General Manager, HR Manager and Marketing Manager etc.
We can find their Phone number, Email address and Social Media Profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Samples of previously build lists are provided below:

  1. Savings & Credit Union Management Level Executives
  2. Universities Agents Data
  3. Manager of Capital Companies
  4. Research on Law Companies Partners
  5. CEO and Management Email Address Research
  6. Chief’s Name, Email & Colleges & Universities Email & Phone Research
  7. CEO & Email, Phone search of Moving Companies
  8. CEO & Email, Phone of Locksmith & Cabinet’s companies

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a customized list as per your requirements!

Researching missing Emails or Phone Numbers

Our team has experience digging out information buried deep on internet. If you have purchased a marketing list, want to verify authenticity of contact details on an existing list or want to refresh an old list, we can help you do this.
We pride ourselves in getting most data accurately and efficiently.

Researching Social Media Details of contacts/companies

Social Media existence is important in today’s world and ability to understand interests and habits of a potential client/customer are more important. We, at DOS, are not only well versed in popular social media sites but can use tools and techniques to find Social Media accounts of your contacts. For instance, we can help you:

  1. Find Facebook and Twitter accounts of CEOs of IT companies in your area
  2. Find Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc of companies and individuals that are already on your email marketing list
  3. and much more!

Researching Phone Numbers of Tenants in USA

If you are a Real Estate Agent, Broker or another business with needs to contact Tenants, we can help you find their Phone Numbers. We use authentic paid services to collect this information.

We have researched more than 500,000 records so far and our percentage of found phone numbers is usually 70-80%

The sample of previous work is provided below:

  1. List with Phone Numbers Researched
  2. Using Spokeo to Find Numbers
  3. Using 411 to Research Numbers

Internet Research

Internet Research

Internet is a sea of information and lifeblood for millions of businesses around the globe. While finding information seems simple, finding accurate information with required details is a challenging task. We specialize in researching information available over the internet, be it building leads list, finding contact phone number or email of niche businesses or gathering details of C Level Executives. Our team has worked thousands of hours and researched millions of records. We not only use proven techniques but also cross verify information to ensure its authenticity.

Al-Furqan IT Firm Team have Highly experience in Web research / Internet research.

We have best Internet Researchers For Hire.