TypingIn today’s digital age, every business has a need to digitize their documents. And need to keep a safe repository online on secured servers. Typing can include anything from transferring scanned PDFs to Word or Excel or PPT. IT can digitize thousands of documents, it can be business records, religious scripture or domestic life history. As a result, anyone can use it anytime easily.

You can decrease your office expenses by hiring Expert typists that work from remote locations to provide you with typing services. Your business won’t suffer because you do not have a dedicated typist on site. Now your receptionist will have more time to pay attention to your clients. So, if you want to hire typist in order to get the best, you are on the right way now.

We are Al-Furqan Team, understand the importance of keeping your documents accurate. For the reason, we have developed this service to assist you with Typing and Proof Reading your important documents. Our team has typed hundreds of thousands of records and delivered 100% quality with proper Proof Reading.

Due to your emergency, we are always available.